by Adrian Low
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- 1y-
I want leave to remain if there's Brexit
Give me leave to remain and not exit
In Europe to stay
Til I flutter away
Just show me the means and I'll fix it.

- 1a -
An extra six months to decide!
A million leave votes will have died!
Two million more teens
with remain in their genes
Are damned if their future's denied

-1z -
A PM in waiting called Corbyn,
A Marxist (they say) had before been,
Said 'I'll sort it with you,
And we'll get a deal through,
If you dump your red lines, May, in your bin'.

(well you try rhyming anything with Corbyn)

- 1b -
The Commons are brimming with Nos
And when there's an Aye, it's just those
Reasonable thinkers
Not Brexit-deal brinkers
(Don't you wish that the rest decompose?)

- 1c -
Thank God there's another delay
Any Brexit would upset my day
Confirmatory vote
Is THE one antidote
That would wash all my sorrows away.

- 1d -
After Brexit, a Brit from Corfu
With a spot on his 'how-do-you-do'
Had to fly back to Leeds
For his medical needs
'cos his Greek doctor said 'no can do'

- 1e -
A fan of good Pizza named Leeza,
Had planned a good pizza in Pisa,
But she could not go,
'cos BA at Heathrow,
Said 'Post-Brexit no seat, with no visa.'

- 1f -
This third time, I’ll sort it, said May
I’m damned if my deal goes astray
But Bercow the boiler
With precedent spoiler
Confounded the May cabaret.

- 2 -
A surgery practice in Kew
Whose doctor had died on a pew
Could not find a bod
To replace the old sod
'Cos no one applied from EU

- 3 -
No backstop in Ireland, said May
No border for them any day
Or else it is written
Our darling Great Britain
Will be all that is left of UK

- 4 -
They voted to leave by a margin
They lied what the EU was chargin'
The bus was a fraud
The country is bored
Just drop it, and let’s stop Farage’in

- 5 -
Democracy does our desire
But listen to what we require:
We've stopped wanting Brexit
That unholy exit
So dump the damn deal and retire

- 6 -
Democracy’s kind to mankind
It lets you and me change our mind
Yet all the polls say
Sweep Brexit away
But they won’t, till everything’s signed

- 7 -
Three million who voted to leave
One quarter, we sadly bereave
The rest changed their mind
So Leave’s way behind
Does May know? And does she believe?

- 8 -
When voting, they didn’t tell me
How much this damned Brexit would be
That we would be bust
If in Brexit we trust
And poor's not what I wannabe.

- 9 -
The great Tory cat fight goes on
Not curbed by the referendum
That foolish decision
Caused so much division
And all our integrity's gone

- 10 -
They said we would get back our laws
They said we could close all our doors
Our laws are renowned
Our sovereignty’s sound
So why are we risking new wars?

- 11 -
We’ll help you, the DUP said
Dear lady, let's get into bed
We’ll take all the money
Massaging and honey
And then we’ll forget what we said

- 12 -
Sinn Fein won’t join the affray,
The Queen is the issue, they say
NI needs your voice
'No Brexit' their choice
So turn up and vote it away

- 13 -
The DUP misrepresent
The will of the land they frequent
NI votes remain
And not for the pain
That Brexit with borders present.

- 14 -
My deal is all that you need
This, Bill, will help us secede
One chance and its gone
But Benn called it wrong
And both voted down Little Weed.

- 15 -
Democracy asked me to vote
For platforms to keep us afloat
When I change my mind
Democracy’s kind
And changes the policy boat.

- 16 -
One poll, on its own, can be wrong
And two polls, might sing the same song
But with more than fifty
It’s no longer shifty
We need a new referendum.

- 17 -
Credit Suisse and HSBC
Dyson, Nissan and Sony and me
‘Cos of Brexit, we’ve left
Leaving families bereft
And crippling UK plc.

- 18 -
A nurse with degrees from Calais
Had plans, in London, to stay
He chose not to come
but just stay at home
'Cos Brexit would not go away

- 19 -
They now know its best to remain
Yet they're taking us out, all the same
They knew when they voted
Campainged and promoted
So they'll be the ones we will blame

- 20 -
The parts for our great four by four
Are made in the country next door
Our Fred, says he's sorry
His stationary lorry
Is stuck and there's none left in store

- 21 -
The PM has asked for delay
Twelve months, for a vote, Mrs May?
But damned ERG
Said maximum three
Who's pulling her strings anyway?